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[News] Server X80 Opening 1. June

18.00  UTC +2 (Latvia), 23.00 UTC +8 (Philippines), 12.00 UTC -3 (Argentina)

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TOPMu Online Season 18 New World Hard: x80 is coming up. Experience is true x80 and not dynamic. We use Premium Server Files what gives a great experience of gameplay to satisfy our Players. Run game smoother using Low Performance mode (button F9). No Max Stats - make your unique stat build. No VIP Benefits - all players same account level. Limit of Max Accounts per IP = 2 (max 2 open game client windows from 1 IP). You are welcome to Register an account and remember you can Contact Us if have any questions.

Standard Server Info
Version: Season 18 Part 1-3
Experience: 80x
Master Experience: 80x
Drop Rate: 30%
Maximum Level: 400
Maximum Master, Majestic Level: 1100
Points Per Level: 5/6/7
Limited Stats for 1 Characteristic : 12767
Monsters per Spot: 6 - 9
Monsters Power Adjusted
Boss Monsters Increased Power
Bronze, Silver, Gold Party Builds
Different Gens Can Join Party, Guild
Create Guild from Level 300
Shadow Phantom Soldier Buff till Level 350
Shadow Phantom Buff Duration Increased to 2 hours
Marked Spots on Minimap: Press TAB
Non Pvp Maps are Aida 1-2; Karutan 1-2, DD1-2
Battle Maps Vulcanus Experience Increased +50%
Available 10 vaults for all players: /ware 0~10
Seal Buff Exp % Lowered, Not too much boost
Limit of Max Accounts per IP = 2 (max 2 open game client windows from 1 IP).

Resets and Grand Resets Info
Reset 1 - 5 = Levels 350, 360, 370, 380, 390
Reset 6 - 30 = Level 400
Reset 1 - 10 = 800 Stat Points
Reset 11 - 20 = 600 Stat Points
Reset 21 - 30 = 400 Stat Points
Reset Reward: 50 Wcoins
Reset Cost: 3kk Zen x Resets
Total Stat Points with 30 Resets: 18 000
Grand Reset is Optional, No Extra Stat Points
Grand Reset Reward: 8000 Wcoins

Game Events and Rewards Info
[Guide] Invasions Schedule & Rewards
[Guide] Events - Bosses Schedule & Rewards
[Guide] Box and Other Rewards
[Guide] Map Item Drops
[Guide] Exclusive Events

Chaos Machine Info 
Mix Item Level +10  = 70%
Mix Item Level +11 = 65%
Mix Item Level +12 = 60%
Mix Item Level +13 = 55%
Mix Item Level +14 = 50%
Mix Item Level +15 = 45%
Item with +Luck = +25%
Detailed Info of other Rates CM

Jewel Success Rate Info
Bless Success Rate = 100%
Soul Success Rate = 60%
Life Success Rate = 70%
Harmony Success Rate = 50%
If Item with Luck = + 25%

Exclusive New Jewels
Exclusive New Quests with nice Rewards
Exclusive Find to Win automatic daily Event
Exclusive Quiz automatic daily Event
Low Performance mode (button F9)

Game Commands Info
"/move", "/post", "/pkclear", "/ware",
"/war", "/soccer", "/re", /store", /offstore",
"/attack", "/offattack", "/reset", "/grandreset",
"/rebuild", "/time", "/bank",  "/bankadd", "/banksub",
"/quest", "/infoquiz", "/answer",  "/dcfriend"


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[News] Update to Season 18

Hello all old and existing players and also page visitors!

We are in a process of upgrading our server version to latest SEASON 18 Part 1-3!

Many new features to make game-play more exciting with new interesting content.


[NEW] Character classes: Light Wizard, Lemuria Mage, Illusion Knight!

[NEW] Maps: Ashen Aida, Old Kethotum, Burning Kethotum, Kanturu Undergrounds, Ignis Volcano!

[NEW] Brilliant Mastery Weapons & Apocalypse Mastery Set items

[NEW] Max Master level extended to 1100, Artifacts System

[NEW] Imperial Guardian, Illusion Temple Event Renewal

[NEW] Elite Monsters & Elite Bosses, Boss Battle Event


By TOP Mu Administration, April 2023

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[News] Update 04.09.2021

1) Added support of Gun Crusher set items and mix upgrades for 
Blue Eye, Silver Heart, Manticore (S16 part 2)
2) Added support of of Gun Crusher weapons and mix upgrades for 
Blessed Divine gun, Blue Eye gun, Silver Heart gun (S16 part 2)
3) Added Wings of Blood (level 4) Gun Crusher
4) Minor adjustments for all class skills and pvM damages
5) Updated drops from monsters in Crimson Icarus and Ardil Temple
6) Added new invasion: Elite Crimson
7) Added new invasion: Elite Temple

Coming Soon (in process):

Adjustments of all class PvP --- New Map Aida Gray (S16 part 2) --- Add Miracle Coin to drop and new section on Moss Gambler --- Adjust Boss, Invasion monster powers (make them more stronger on server X1000) --- Updating Game Guides --- Other fixes and improvements..

Feel free to report anything you think needs to be changed, fixed!
See Next and previous Updates in our Forum!

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[News] Update to Season 16

Hello all old and existing players and also page visitors!

We have started the process of upgrading our server version to latest SEASON 16!

Exciting game-play coming very soon with new interesting content.


Servers will be shut down soon, until they are upgraded to S16!

We will announce about the opening date of New Server S16!

Stay tuned and have a wonderful waiting time!

By TOP Mu Administration, July 2021

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