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[News] Update to Season 18

Hello all old and existing players and also page visitors!

We are in a process of upgrading our server version to latest SEASON 18 Part 1-3!

Many new features to make game-play more exciting with new interesting content.


[NEW] Character classes: Light Wizard, Lemuria Mage, Illusion Knight!

[NEW] Maps: Ashen Aida, Old Kethotum, Burning Kethotum, Kanturu Undergrounds, Ignis Volcano!

[NEW] Brilliant Mastery Weapons & Apocalypse Mastery Set items

[NEW] Max Master level extended to 1100, Artifacts System

[NEW] Imperial Guardian, Illusion Temple Event Renewal

[NEW] Elite Monsters & Elite Bosses, Boss Battle Event


By TOP Mu Administration, April 2023

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