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[News] Beginner Bonus for Newcomers

not available anymore

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[News] Server x40

updated information in future

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[News] Update 02.02.2018

1) Updated Lord of Ferea boss rewards
2) Updated Nixie boss rewards and respawn time
3) Added Spirit Nixie's Shard to RUUD shop for SM class
4) Added Bloodangel items to drop from Nixies lake monsters
5) Added Excellent rings and pendants to BOK +1, +2
6) Added Global Messages who killed golden monsters
7) Added Goblin Point rewards for each killed golden

Feel free to report anything you think needs to be changed, fixed!
See Next and previous Updates in our Forum!

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[News] Update 28.01.2018

We have changed settings for resets and grand resets since players suggested it.
This is a new system for server dynamic x1000

Reset Limit: 100
After Reset Stats Clear
SM, BK, ELF, SUM: 650 Free Points x Resets
MG, DL, RF, GL: 700 Free Points x Resets
Max Stat Points with 100 R: 65 000 and 70 000
Reset Reward: 20 Topcoins
Reset Cost: 1kk Zen x Resets
Grand Reset From: 100 Resets
Grand Reset Limit: No Limit
After Grand Reset Stats Clear
Grand Reset Reward: 12 000 Topcoins

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Hard: x40
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