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[News] Server x1000 is Open!

Standard Server Info
Version: Full Season 12
Experience: 1000x
Master Experience: 500x
Drop Rate: 40%
Maximum Level: 400
Maximum Master Level: 500
Points Per Level: 5/6/7
Limited Stats for 1 Characteristic: 20 000
Monsters per Spot: 5 - 8
Monsters Power Adjusted
Create Level MG, DL, RF, GL: 110
Boss Monsters Increased Power
Bronze, Silver, Gold Party Builds
Mu Helper Use from Level 10
Bloodangel, Darkangel, Holyangel Sets
Different Gens Can Join Party, Guild
Create Guild from Level 300
Shadow Phantom Soldier Buff till Level 350
Shadow Phantom Buff Duration Increased to 2 hours
Marked Spots on Minimap: Press TAB
Non Pvp Maps are Atlans and Karutan
All Battle Maps Experience Increased +20%
Peace Swamp Map Master Experience Increased +100%
Cash Shop remade, No Over Powered Items
Seal Buff Exp % Lowered, Not too much boost
Receive 5 Goblin Points per every 10 minutes online
Wings Level 4 removed, Make level 3 in game
Items Level  350 / 380 / 400 / 600 / 800 wear from level 1
Limit of Max HWID = 2 (max 2 open client windows from 1 computer)

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[News] Update 05.01.2019

Greetings to all! We have Updated Anti Hack System! Read More HERE

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[News] Update 19.05.2018

1) Updated Doppelganger Event Rewards (Check Reward list HERE)
2) Updated Selupan Event Rewards (added Exc 380 lvl items) (was socket only)
3) Updated Medusa Event Rewards (added Exc Weapons) (was socket only)
4) Added to drop Steel of Heaven from monsters in all BC and DS
5) Increased Card Piece drop rate x3 - drop from all monsters
6) Removed Cool Down for all RUUD Skills and GL Shning Peak
7) Added Low Performance mode. Press F9 in game to check it out!

Feel free to report anything you think needs to be changed, fixed!
See Next and previous Updates in our Forum!

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[News] Update 02.02.2018

1) Updated Lord of Ferea boss rewards
2) Updated Nixie boss rewards and respawn time
3) Added Spirit Nixie's Shard to RUUD shop for SM class
4) Added Bloodangel items to drop from Nixies lake monsters
5) Added Excellent rings and pendants to BOK +1, +2
6) Added Global Messages who killed golden monsters
7) Added Goblin Point rewards for each killed golden

Feel free to report anything you think needs to be changed, fixed!
See Next and previous Updates in our Forum!

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