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[News] Update 26.01.2018

1) Fixed all invasion monster amount including Goldens
2) Fixed Devil Square rewards not being added
3) Fixed Crywolf Event drops from Dark Elf, Balgass
4) Fixed Lord Silvester drop rewards and respawn time
5) Fixed Core Magriffy drop rewards and respawn time
6) Added Jewel of Guardian to drop in Kalima 7 all monsters
7) Added 3 Small Spots in Kalima 7 map. See on Minimap
8) Added RUUD rewards to almost all Boss Monsters
9) Fixed some reward issues to all boss monsters
10) Updated some pvp, pvm settings. (More coming soon)
11) Increased drop rates for fenrir create items

Feel free to report anything you think needs to be changed, fixed!
See Next and previous Updates in our Forum!

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[News] Update 14.01.2018

1) Added to drop Wings lvl 2.5 materials in Icarus
2) Added to drop Loch's Feather, Crest in Tarkan 2
3) Added to drop and noria shop war quiver
4) Increased Dark Raven, Dark Horse durability
5) Increased Dark Raven damage
6) Increased All Jewel drop rate +7%
7) Fixed random issues entering BC, CC
8) Fixed lvl 2.5 materials can be traded now
9) Updated BC and DS Rewards and rules

Run launcher to get updated point 8)
Character Damage changes, fixes coming soon in next update!
Feel free to report anything you think needs to be changed, fixed!
See Next and previous Updates in our Forum!

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[News] New Server Files have Arrived

Hello dear old players and visitors of our server website. As you see we have wiped all accounts, characters, items since there were left only a few people who still played. We could not fix many important bugs before because of developer was gone for months. In result we have now bought even much better files. Almost bugless and perfect Licensed from Xteam full Season 12. All the settings and configurations will be the same as before just with some improvements since all players were excited about TopMu configurations. Server x40 will be Opened on December. Totally fresh new bugless server is waiting for you. Feel free to contact us anytime! We will be happy to see you in game! [By TheFlash, Nov 25]

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[News] New Starter Packs

1) Double Exp Event will be on every weekend starting from September 15!
2) Starter Packs for New Players Include bonuses:1000 Level Up Points, 40 000 Zen, Small Wings, Bless of Light Exp Boosts (Total of 30 hours time)!


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