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[News] Update 04.09.2021

1) Added support of Gun Crusher set items and mix upgrades for 
Blue Eye, Silver Heart, Manticore (S16 part 2)
2) Added support of of Gun Crusher weapons and mix upgrades for 
Blessed Divine gun, Blue Eye gun, Silver Heart gun (S16 part 2)
3) Added Wings of Blood (level 4) Gun Crusher
4) Minor adjustments for all class skills and pvM damages
5) Updated drops from monsters in Crimson Icarus and Ardil Temple
6) Added new invasion: Elite Crimson
7) Added new invasion: Elite Temple

Coming Soon (in process):

Adjustments of all class PvP --- New Map Aida Gray (S16 part 2) --- Add Miracle Coin to drop and new section on Moss Gambler --- Adjust Boss, Invasion monster powers (make them more stronger on server X1000) --- Updating Game Guides --- Other fixes and improvements..

Feel free to report anything you think needs to be changed, fixed!
See Next and previous Updates in our Forum!

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